Following are a few links that might be of interest:

CAPMusic is a home for independent composers and musicians. This is where you can purchase Yuma Jazz Company CDs, among other other things, like: written music for a number of different instruments/ensembles, CDs by various artists, you can even book groups for events. The site also has a Yuma music event calendar.

Jazz Review This is a big site with all things jazz. Previews, reviews, CDs, info, and so on. Also lists upcoming events (like YJC performances). This national publication was the 1st to review unknown Yuma Jazz Co. CD.

Jazz Now Another good, big jazz site. Lots of stuff here. Jazz Now also had nice things to say about Shades After Dark.

Carl Posch's home page Professor Emeritus of Instrumental Music at Arizona Western College, Carl plays and teaches trombone and guitar and supports jazz and music in general in the Yuma area (including playing with YJC when he is available). His site always contains items of interest and is a great source of jazz, music, and related links.

KAWC FM We love the college radio station! Doc Jazz, Randy Love, and Jack Weidner are local jazz show hosts who have supported the ongoing efforts of YJC. Look them up and check out their shows - they're good!

The Sun events calendar is a good source of events - of all kinds - in Yuma by date.

Jazz With Bob Parlocha I like his show, his taste, and his site. It has info and lots of jazz related merchandise.