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International response to Some Tequila and a Plan

"What an amazing and delicious rhythm, it was impossible to stay still here in the chair, I had to get up and dance a little. Simply wonderful this song, excellent musical arrangements, great!" -- Polvo Manco (Brazil) Feb 4, 2023
"It just sounds so good. I loved it and I'm sure people on my audience will love it too." -- amigaeriposting (Chile) Feb 3, 2023
"Love the atmosphere! The instrumental sounds very nice! You make use of a lot of different elements. I love the groove of your track! " -- Palette (Germany) Feb 3, 2023
"Just listened to your track... sounds awesome!!!" -- Street of Sound (NYC) Feb 2, 2023
"Well I knew I was going to like this from just reading the track's title. I was not disappointed. This would've made a nice accompaniment to some of those scenes in 'From Dusk Till Dawn'. The frantic drumming is what drew me in the most, giving the whole track a propulsive energy that was infectious, and the rest of the playing just rose to the occasion admirably." -- Max Pilley (Journalist, UK) Feb 2, 2023
"Really nice track! Great sound! Love the way the instruments organically come together." -- Musiclink (Peru) Feb 1, 2023
"The track is really amazing, the entire composition is a master piece and you deserve to be pushed forward and to the top." -- PlaylistCamps (Media Outlet UK) Feb 1, 2023
"I love the vibe. Amazing the energy you transmit in this song. The improvisation parts are great and the mix job is really solid. Congrats guys." -- Lafken Records (Argentina), Jan 30, 2023
"I really liked the sound! It mixes jazz elements with Latin rhythms, including Brazilian ones! Simply sensational." -- Música Brasileira Viva,(Brazil) Jan 30, 2023
"…well played and groovy" -- Wax only Wax (France) Jan 30, 2023
"I've listened to Dime Store Novel as well and I think you have something really worthy of listening and you deserve all the respect for that, the world needs more jazz!" -- RockAndSex (Columbia) Jan 30, 2023
"…combines the elegant style of jazz with the heat of salsa. With its bright trumpet solos and energetic percussion, this song creates an upbeat atmosphere perfect for Mexican nights." -- Radio Armazen (Brazil) Jan 31, 2023

No puedes perderte la propuesta de The Yuma Jazz Company:
   por La Redacción, RosaDistrito, Jan, 2023

Yuma Jazz Company has etched out brilliant vibes of jazz in their latest enthralling track, "Dime Store Novel":
  BetterAuds Team, Your Digital Wall, Dec, 2021

"It is perfectly synched and offers a novel approach to jazz that makes it friendly to listeners with a passion for the genre and those with little experience."

Yuma Jazz Company is offering old school jazz grooves with the new track "Dime Store Novel":
  Anna Abbott, Your Digital Wall, Nov 25, 2021

"As for the track, it has a retro jazz groove that is finely calibrated with organic tunes of the trumpet, guitar, and bass. With a clock time of six and a half minutes, it is pretty engaging and enjoyable for all kinds of listeners. The track catches its funky progress from the beginning and keeps evolving with smooth transitions and solo inputs. It is a musical treat to enjoy a perfectly jazz-soaked night."

Yuma Jazz Company captures the audience with the instrumental track "Dime Store Novel":
  Kim Martinez, The Magazine Plus, Nov 25, 2021

"The track features some joyous instrumental affairs that give the feeling of the same old-school Jazz. It gives a feel of some nostalgia, taking you back to the good old days. Combining a perfect blend of classic, modernity, and originality, 'Dime Store Novel' undoubtfully commands the listener's attention."

Yuma Jazz Company's newest creation "Dime Store Novel" brings all the generations under a single roof:
  Alicia Parker, Daily MusicRoll, Nov 25, 2021

"AZ-based jazz quintet Yuma Jazz Company combines different musical elements to form the sweet melody of their masterpiece, 'Dime Store Novel.'"

Yuma Jazz Company: "A Night Such As This" (2020) (pdf)
  Jack Bowers, All About Jazz, Jan 29, 2021

"...Yuma Jazz keep defying the odds to make sure that high-quality music survives in their little corner of the world. Long live Yuma Jazz Company."

Yuma Jazz Company records new album, "A Night Such As This" (pdf)
  John Vaughn Bajo El Sol Editor, Yuma Sun, Oct 21, 2020

"The album showcases a variety of jazz styles, including New Orleans street beat, jazz rock fusion, swing and a Latin jazz subgenre that Hennig has dubbed 'Brandon suave,' in a tongue-in-cheek tribute to Yuma Jazz member Brandon Coz."

Holiday Jazz - Yuma Palms to host two free concerts ahead of annual series
  Rachel Twoguns, Yuma Sun, Nov 24, 2017 (pdf version)

“Hennig noted the concerts will be mutually beneficial for both students and the audience. "It's great for a couple of reasons," he said. "The crowd just really loves that group in particular. I know when they've been heard publicly people just respond to them well. Plus, the idea of having a choir sing to some jazz music - it's going to be very neat for the people who attend. It's also going to be a neat experience for the high school students themselves because they very rarely get the opportunity to perform in this kind of event."”

High note: Yuma Jazz Company marks 15 years
  Rachel Twoguns, Yuma Sun, May 25, 2017 (pdf version)

“Carlson recalled the time when the group first formed, and said the crowd was as 'big as the band,' with only a handful of listeners. Now, the Yuma Jazz Company’s winter village jazz series attracts hundreds of attendees each season.”

All that jazz: Yuma becoming a scene for urban art form
  Rachel Twoguns, Yuma Sun, October 27, 2016

“So, what I like to call the Yuma jazz scene, is really a community wide group effort. And, because of this group effort, I feel extremely lucky not only to be able to perform this music on a regular basis, but to have the opportunity to help facilitate other groups performing, guests coming from out of town, and to provide local students with opportunities to hear live jazz, perform, attend clinics, and obtain Village Jazz Series scholarships. I just think it’s great that the Yuma community has individuals and organizations which make all this possible.”

  Randy Love, Jazz Alive - Review, March 15, 2015

Be forewarned Yuma, the Yuma Jazz Company is the best combo group in town. Long live the music of Jazz and the men and women who nourish and communicate this music to their children, our children and all children.

Yuma Jazz Company: Intuition(2014)
  Jack Bowers, All About Jazz, January 5, 2015

The five who comprise the Yuma Jazz Company should not be written off as neophytes, an appraisal that would do them a disservice. Intuition is a charming mosaic, and so is the Company it keeps.

Le Jazz Hot!
    Espy Press Blog, January 17, 2014

"For nearly fourteen years now, the Yuma Jazz Company has brought cool jazz stylings to Southern Arizona."

Yuma Jazz Company celebrates 10 years (pdf)
    Darin Fenger, Yuma Sun, August 25, 2012

"Improvisation is a major element of jazz, so the way we play is constantly growing, evolving, and no two gigs are the same. It stays fresh, so people can hear the group numerous times and still look forward to the next."

Yuma Jazz Company expands airplay, venues.     (article no longer available)
    Darren Daronco, Yuma Sun, October 14, 2011

"I view jazz as a canvas you are about to create upon. You never know what is going to happen until it happens. Every show is different based on the feeling of the audience you are playing for, the moods of the people who are playing, the venue itself, and any number of factors."

Yuma Jazz Company has CD release party     (article no longer available)
    Darin Fenger, Yuma Sun, August 11, 2010

"Fans of Yuma Jazz Company will soon have a new round of music for command performances at home or in the car."

Jazz to celebrate Juneteenth     (article no longer available)
    Darin Fenger, Yuma Sun, June 7, 2010

"Local musicians will serenade audiences with the sweet sounds of jazz Friday during a celebration of the black American influence on a truly American style of music."

Jazz and Lutes go well together     (article no longer available)
    Chris McDaniel, Yuma Sun, September 16, 2009

"...[Mr. Coz] can still literally blow me out of the concert hall with his ridiculous syncopated Afro-Cubano style jazz rhythms."

Dueling trumpets next week at Lutes
    Chris McDaniel, Yuma Sun, May 8, 2009

" is special when you bring someone new in. That is the nature of jazz because when you bring in a fresh perspective, especially when they are an excellent player, it changes the whole sound."

Village Jazz Series Returns     (article no longer available)
    Pam M. Smith, Yuma Sun, January 12, 2009

Yuma Jazz Company celebrates another season in its desert oasis (pdf)
    Erin Orozco, Yuma Sun, August 21, 2008

"The members of the Yuma Jazz Company don't have to travel far to find an audience. A jazz haven already exists in the middle of the desert, they say."

Jazzing up Yuma - First-of-its-kind performance series a new option for the musically minded. (pdf)     (article no longer available)
    Dave Nash, "33.10", March 7 & 8, 2007

Yuma Jazz Company releases CD (pdf)
   Pam M. Smith, Yuma Sun, January 3, 2007

Steven Hennig, Yuma Jazz Company (.jpg) , article continued (.jpg)
  Kassandra Hall, Yuma In Motion, July-August 2006

"When thinking of cities that present diverse and delicious flavors of artistry and culture, Yuma may not occupy a prominent position within your artistic palette. The arts, however, are alive and thriving in Yuma and Steven Hennig is a testament to that."

Sweet sounds for delicious dinners (pdf)
   Darin Fenger, Yuma Sun, April 4, 2006

"The Yuma Jazz Quartet is dishing up a spicy sound at a local restaurant and it seems that audiences' appetite for the group just isn't going away. "

Yuma Jazz Company - Shades After Dark
  AZjazz Magazine, 2006     (article no longer available)

"Shades After Dark is the first release from the Yuma Jazz Company, a quintet that has been playing live throughout southwest Arizona since 2002. Versatility is the key word on this album as Yuma Jazz Company shows just why they've been such a successful live group for the last three years. Tunes range from heartfelt ballads like "Early Morning Low Clouds" to smooth Latin pieces like the opening track "Cabo Bossa." Each of the eight songs is built around the improvisational chops of Steven Hennig on trumpet and flugelhorn and Brian Carlson on alto and tenor saxophones, who complement each other perfectly. A tight rhythm section featuring Carl Posch on guitar, Jon Knudtson on bass and Brandon Coz on drums shines throughout the album. The band is at its best on "Cabo Bossa," delivering all the goods in a tune that, frankly, makes you want to dance."

A deeper shade of cool: Yuma Jazz Company releases compact Disc (pdf)
   Darin Fenger, Yuma Sun, November 19, 2004

"After years of jonesing for a CD from their favorite group, fans of the Yuma Jazz Company can finally stop singing the blues."

CD Review of Yuma Jazz Company - Shades After Dark     (pdf)
  John Gilbert, Jazz Review, June 28, 2004

Gilbert describes the group's music as "refreshing," "stylish," "imaginative," and "passionate."

Yuma Jazz Company: Shades After Dark     (article no longer available)
  Linda Goshay, Jazz Now, July 2005

"Hennig's trumpet playing, fine writing and the band's arrangements shine throughout."

Cool tunes for hot nights (pdf), May 21, 2004

"Their sound may be smooth and cool but their schedule these days is nothing short of wild and hot."

Cookin' up a jazzy summer (pdf), May 2, 2003

"Stirring up Yuma's usual hot-weather doldrums simply sounds cool."